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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air and boy am I thrilled with the start this year versus last year. As the longer and warmer days come the grass greens up, the flowers bloom and trees bud. What a miracle it seems each year to see new life coming out of nature. At Revels Turf and Tractor we love the spring warm up, it also puts us on notice that things are about to get busy. As you get ready for the green up that spring always brings know that all the employees at Revels Turf and Tractor are preparing to service your needs, whatever they may be. Our service and parts staff have been involved in educational classes and seminars so we can be more capable and qualified to service your needs and assist in solving your problems. We had the largest number of technicians receive certificates of certification by John Deere than any year in the past. Our parts staff have reached their John Deere training goals by March 1 for the entire 2016 year. We see the importance of preparing in the winter so we can better serve during the busy season. I hope this early indicator of good weather will be preceded by a year of weather without extremes and severity. I will not call it normal because I’m not sure normal exist in weather predictions. We wish you a successful year with great weather and no problems, but if you do encounter equipment and maintenance issues we are willing and ready to help. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Turner Revels

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