John Deere Residential Lawn & Garden Myrtle Beach SC

Revels Turf & Tractor is a trusted distributor of John Deere mowers, as well as other residential lawn & garden products for Myrtle Beach, SC residents. As a longtime Myrtle Beach area business, we take pride in helping our neighbors maintain beautiful lawns. Browse our selection of John Deere Residential products below!

John Deere Riding Mowersdeere-residential

Revels Turf & Tractor is a trusted distributor of John Deere equipment. For a limited time, customers can save $500 on the impressive line of 2015 Select Series Riding Mowers from John Deere.


John Deere Compact Tractors493511_2000_762x458

For the more expansive properties, Revels Turf & Tractor offers a range of Compact Utility Tractors from John Deere. Tackle residential projects of all kinds with this line of beautiful, durable tractors.


John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles02_GATOR_13_168-590i-324x218

Conquer your piece of land with a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle. Engineered with durable materials and designed with comfort and style in mind, these Gators will help you maximize your property with versatility and confidence.


John Deere Commercial-GradeZ915B Mowers

Sometimes an average mower won’t cut it (literally). For the lawns requiring a bit more work, we offer Commercial-Grade John Deere Mowers. These elite, zero-turn mowers are ideal for an efficient, accurate cut every time.


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