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John Deere Connectivity Solutions

Drive efficiency and productivity with equipment that communicates what it needs, when it needs it.

Thinking Forward with JDLink™ Connectivity

John Deere’s JDLink™ technology brings your golf course maintenance into the future, with features like:

  • FREE JDLink™ Connection & John Deere Operations Center™
  • Integration from the factory with 4G JDLink™ cellular modems
  • Machine to machine information sharing
  • Remote updates and diagnostics for your machines
  • Opportunity to add JDLink™ modems to legacy or non-Deere branded equipment
  • Integrated My Operations™ App to view and access machines remotely anywhere

Introducing Revels Technical Assistance Center (RTAC)

To better support your equipment and business, we’re advancing our service delivery in three significant ways.

With these changes, a new pricing structure will go into effect on June 1st, 2023:


per 18-hole per customer

(Includes unlimited phone support, 25% off pick-up and delivery, and 1% back on parts purchases)



billed per problem through resolution

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We’re excited to implement these changes to better support you and your business.
Contact RTAC at: